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About Vanessa Spirit

Vanessa Spirit, a renowned psychic medium from White Rock, BC Canada, natural-born psychic spiritual healer with a lifelong commitment to guiding others towards enlightenment and inner peace. With her clear knowing ability, she provides profound insights into life’s journey, guiding clients through decisions and transitions with confidence. Vanessa’s compassionate approach and connection to higher realms enrich the human experience, empowering individuals to navigate challenges and find fulfillment.


With a vision to spread happiness, alleviate suffering, and foster peace of mind, Vanessa Spirit stands as a beacon of light in the community of White Rock, BC, offering guidance, support, and divine intervention to all who seek solace within its sacred walls.


Tarot card reading
Psychic Mediumship
Aura Reading
Numerology Reading
Crystal Ball Gazing
Past Life Regression

Love and Relationship

Love Compatibility Reading
Relationship Tarot Reading
Couples Reuniting
Energy Healing
for Relationships
Love Spell Consultation

Ancestral Readings

Ancestral Tarot Reading
Ancestral Channeling Session
Ancestral Altar Consultation
Ancestral Healing Ritual
Etheric Cord Removing

Other Readings

Private Group Reading
Sisters are arguing and upset
Sibling Rivalry
Property Blessing
Pet Reading
Tea Leaf Reading
Elemental Divination
Dream Interpretation
Astrological Analysis