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With a vision to spread happiness, alleviate suffering, and foster peace of mind, Vanessa Spirit stands as a beacon of light in the community of White Rock, BC, offering guidance, support, and divine intervention to all who seek solace within its sacred walls.


Tarot card reading

Delve into the realm of symbolism and intuition with traditional tarot card readings. Each card carries its own significance, providing insights into past, present, and future events, as well as guidance on navigating life’s challenges and opportunities.

Psychic Mediumship

Connect with the spirit world and communicate messages from loved ones who have passed on. Psychic mediumship readings offer comfort, closure, and validation, as well as guidance from departed souls who continue to watch over and guide their loved ones.

Aura Reading

Tap into the subtle energy fields surrounding individuals to gain insights into their emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Aura readings provide a holistic perspective on one’s aura colors, revealing patterns, strengths, and areas for growth and healing.

Numerology Reading

Explore the mystical significance of numbers and their influence on one’s life path, personality traits, and destiny. Numerology readings offer profound insights into the cosmic forces at play, helping clients understand their unique strengths, challenges, and opportunities for personal growth.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Peer into the depths of a crystal ball to access hidden truths, visions, and guidance from the subconscious mind and the spiritual realm. Crystal ball readings facilitate intuitive insights and spiritual revelations, offering clarity and direction on life’s journey.

Past Life Regression

Journey into the depths of the soul to explore past lives and uncover karmic patterns, unresolved issues, and hidden talents. Past life regression readings provide a deeper understanding of one’s soul journey, helping clients release past traumas, gain perspective, and embrace their true essence.

Love and Relationship

Love Compatibility Reading

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the compatibility between two individuals to assess the strengths, challenges, and potential for harmony in their relationship. By examining astrological compatibility, numerology, and energy dynamics, clients gain insights into their relationship dynamics and compatibility factors.

Relationship Tarot Reading

Utilize a specialized tarot spread tailored to exploring the dynamics of a romantic relationship. This reading delves into the current state of the relationship, underlying issues, potential obstacles, and pathways to reconciliation and reconnection, offering guidance and clarity for both partners.

Couples Reuniting

Reunite with your partner through personalized psychic readings designed to mend your relationship, reignite love’s flame, and deepen your bond for a stronger, more fulfilling partnership.

Energy Healing for Relationships

Facilitate energy healing sessions specifically aimed at restoring balance, harmony, and love within a romantic relationship. Using techniques such as Reiki, chakra balancing, and aura cleansing, clients release negative energies, emotional blockages, and past traumas, allowing love to flow freely between partners once more.

Love Spell Consultation

Provide guidance and ethical advice on the use of love spells and rituals to manifest love, reconciliation, and harmony in a romantic relationship. Offer personalized spell consultations, spell crafting services, and empowerment rituals to assist clients in harnessing the power of intention and love magic responsibly and ethically.

Ancestral Readings

Ancestral Tarot Reading

Utilize a specialized tarot spread designed to connect with the wisdom and guidance of the client’s ancestors. Each card represents an ancestor or ancestral influence, offering insights, messages, and advice from the lineage that spans generations.

Ancestral Channeling Session

Facilitate a sacred channeling session to connect the client with their ancestors on a deep spiritual level. Through trance-like states or guided meditation, clients can receive direct messages, guidance, and blessings from their ancestors, fostering healing, connection, and ancestral wisdom.

Ancestral Altar Consultation

Offer personalized guidance on creating and maintaining an ancestral altar as a sacred space for honoring and connecting with ancestors. Provide insights into altar placements, offerings, rituals, and ceremonies tailored to the client’s ancestral lineage and spiritual traditions.

Ancestral Healing Ritual

Conduct a powerful ancestral healing ritual to release ancestral wounds, traumas, and burdens that may be affecting the client’s life. Through prayer, intention setting, and energy work, facilitate the healing and transformation of ancestral patterns, restoring balance, harmony, and blessings to the lineage.

Etheric Cord Removing

Embark on a transformative journey with Vanessa Spirit’s etheric cord removal service, liberating yourself from energetic attachments that hinder your spiritual growth. Through gentle yet powerful techniques, reclaim your energy sovereignty and experience profound healing and renewal.

Other Readings

Private Group Reading

Whether you’re seeking clarity on love, career, or life’s purpose, our private group psychic reading service guides you and your group through a journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection. Gather your friends or family members for an unforgettable session filled with wisdom, healing, and empowerment.

Sisters are arguing and upset
Sibling Rivalry

Unlock insights and guidance to navigate sibling rivalry and family conflicts with our psychic readings. Discover the root causes of jealousy and discord, and embark on a journey of healing and harmony within your family dynamics.

Property Blessing

Clear negative energies, invite positive vibrations, and create a harmonious space for abundance and prosperity to flow into your home or business. Elevate the energy of your surroundings and unlock the full potential of your space.

Pet Reading

Unlock the spiritual connection between you and your beloved pet and tap into the spiritual realm, uncovering messages of love and protection from your pet’s perspective. Let them guide and safeguard you with their intuitive insights, ensuring your well-being and nurturing your bond with your furry guardian.

Tea Leaf Reading

Unlock the mysteries of the future by interpreting the intricate patterns formed by tea leaves in a cup. Each swirl and shape offers a glimpse into the client’s destiny, revealing hidden opportunities, challenges, and secrets waiting to be unveiled.

Elemental Divination

Tap into the elemental forces of nature—earth, air, fire, and water—to gain insights into the client’s spiritual journey and life path. Using elemental tools such as stones, feathers, candles, and water vessels, elemental divination unveils hidden truths, balances energies, and fosters harmony with the natural world.

Dream Interpretation

Explore the depths of the subconscious mind and decode the symbolic language of dreams. Dream interpretation readings unravel the mysteries of the client’s nocturnal visions, offering profound insights, messages, and guidance from the realm of dreams.

Astrological Analysis

Unlock the cosmic blueprint of the client’s soul with an in-depth analysis of their natal chart. Astrological chart readings delve into the positions of the planets at the time of birth, revealing personality traits, life themes, and karmic lessons, as well as forecasting future trends and opportunities for growth.